Tuesday, May 10, 2011

De Quervain's Tenosynovitis

This is what I have in both hands. Also, the reason that I can no longer bowl :( Disappointing, because I always enjoyed bowling.

This started only about 2 weeks after having our youngest daughter. So, it's been going on for about 10 weeks now.

I can get through a good portion of the day without it really bothering me. Then, all of a sudden, I will move my thumb or wrist in just a way that I about want to scream. By the end of the day, the wrists are pretty sore.


I'm getting too old for this....

I turned 35 a couple of weeks ago. I spent the day with family, ending with a dinner out at Red Lobster with my husband and daughters. My best friend is engaged to my husband's cousin...they tend to be who we do stuff with if we want to go out. They weren't able to go out the weekend that my birthday fell on, so we went this past weekend instead. My brave sister in law kept all 3 of our girls, including our almost 3 month old!

I think we pretty much decided after this weekend that we are just getting too old for the bar scene. We went to a newer bar that is about half pool tables. With pool being $1 a game, we weren't going to spend that much so that we could play pool all night. So, we ended up leaving there and just going to the bowling alley. The other 3 bowled and I watched. Another post on why I can't is coming....

We had a much better time at the bowling alley than at the bar. There was a bar there, so if anyone did want a drink .. it was available. We mostly go out together to talk to each other, so a bar is not really necessary as far as the other people that are there.

Maybe we really are just getting old! lol