Friday, May 13, 2011

Sketchers Shape Ups for Girls

My friend, Denica first brought these to my attention. I had not seen the commercials. Now, today .. it's all over the news. Parents are outraged. I happen to agree. This is absolutely ridiculous. They start at size 2, which according to THIS ARTICLE is the average size of a SEVEN YEAR OLD!!! No 7 year old little girl needs to be concerned if her legs and butt are toned! Who is looking at a 7 year old's butt anyway??!!

My oldest daughter is 10. I see it a little with her already..worrying about the way she looks. She is a beautiful girl and is starting to be concerned about things that only she is noticing. I could also see her wanting these shoes. She won't be getting them. Some good old fashioned playing is pretty good exercise at her age. Besides, she is TEN! Sure, she should be thinking of being healthy. This is extreme though, I do believe...

Quite Unhappy

Every post I did yesterday and a few others are completely missing now!! I had one that I had "scheduled". Never did that before and it's gone too! Grr!