Thursday, June 16, 2011

I Wouldn't Think Kroger Has Anything to Complain About

With some stores changing coupon policies and now the lawsuit against Ebay .. I keep waiting to see what other stores will change their coupon policies as well.

Today, I saw the Kroger's profit had risen 16% in the first quarter! Apparently, the coupons are hurting them! lol I will go to Kroger over other stores sometimes because they will double coupons.

Article is HERE

Toys R Us / Babies R Us - 3 Day Sale

Toys R Us / Babies R Us is having a 3 day sale .. Friday, June 17th, Saturday, June 18th, and Sunday, June 19th

Lots of good deals!

Gift Card Deals:

FREE $15 Gift Card when you buy ANY TWO Pampers value boxes of diapers (92 ct. or higher)
AND ONE Pampers value box of wipes (384 - 576 ct)

FREE $10 Gift Card when you buy ANY TWO Similac or Gerber Good Start ready-to-feed
formula 8 oz. 24 pks.

You can view the rest of the ad HERE

More Changes Coming to Coupons?

We have seen already that Target has changed their coupon policy recently. Now, there is a lawsuit against Ebay.

Find the article HERE

Walmart Price Matching

I discovered last night (after talking with Megan..thanked her in another post) that our local Walmart will price match CVS and Walgreens prices .. even after the Extra Bucks price. For example:

Schick Hydro Razor Blades - on sale for $8.79 at CVS. You get $4.00 Extra Care Bucks back when you buy one. That makes the price $4.79. Our Walmart will price match the $4.79! Now, I don't know that all Walmarts will follow this or not.

So, last night, I went to Walmart and bought:

3 - 12 packs of 7 up products (on sale at CVS for $2.24 each)
1 - Schick Razor (on sale for $4 and I had a $4 coupon - Free)
2 - 4 packs of Schick Razor Blades (on sale for $4.79 and I had 2-$2 coupons - $2.79 each)
2 - Natural Instincts Hair Color (on sale for $4.99 and I had 2-$2 coupons - $2.99 each and I REALLY needed hair color! It's been before I was pregnant with our 4 month old!)
1 - Bayer Aspirin (on sale for $2 and I had $2 coupon - Free)

Before Price Match and Coupons - $60.13
After Price Match and Coupons - $20.86