Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Our Morning Adventures

It has been that kind of morning! My oldest, Sarah got up and ready for school. She made herself breakfast and left a complete mess. Our middle daughter, Emma thought she'd try to help and put away the shredded cheese that Sarah had used on her eggs. The bag wasn't closed, so cheese went everywhere.

Then, Emma grabbed her gardening "purse" and dumped her tools out of it onto the couch. Well, she had been digging, the couch was covered in dirt. Sarah thought she'd clean it up by sweeping the couch off with the broom. Emma walked up behind her and Sarah ended up hitting her with the broom.

Sarah finally got off to school. Emma was eating her breakfast. When .. it happened..

I had to cut the onesie!

Kaitlin is our third child and I have never had to clean up a mess bad enough that I had to break out scissors and cut clothes off. That certainly happened this morning though!! There was no way I was taking that off over her head!

All of this before 8:30 this morning ... wonder what the rest of the day has in store...