Monday, May 23, 2011

My Kids are Crazy!

Yep, certifiable lol.

When Sarah was little, she would make up her own words for things.
Shoes were doobadahs. I still have no idea why. She would get all excited at a store and want to try on doobadahs. Just about a year ago, we were in Olive Garden and their forks only have 3 prongs. She was sitting there, just staring at that fork. She then asks, with a completely straight face "Would this be called a threek?". She has turned so shy over the past few years. She doesn't hardly talk to people, especially if she doesn't know them that well. Then again, there's family members that she barely talks around too.

Emma is by far my most nutty child.
She does things almost daily to make me think this lol. She told me last night that her light bulb had ran out of ink. She talks to the tv, even yells at it. She was only about a year old when we caught her "surfing" on the rocking chair in her bedroom. I knew then we were in for it! She absolutely loves rock music. Her favorite songs are by Blind Melon and Our Lady Peace. She has also really gotten into Bon Jovi lately. She loves to watch hockey for the Boom Booms, as she calls the fighting.

Now, Kaitlin is just starting to get her personality, but she is stubborn!
She wants you to hold her bottle with your hand! If you even attempt to use your chin to hold the bottle to have a free hand for a minute...she has a fit! She has to have her fuzzy blankets. She will even smile as soon as she feels it or even sees it coming. While feeding her, she would rather eat her hands than the formula. They get in the way quite a bit. She doesn't care if I am trying to put the bottle in her mouth, she wants her hands instead lol. She also really likes to get her diaper changed. She hadn't in the past, but within the last few weeks, she really does! She will smile really big while we are changing her lol.