Monday, May 16, 2011

His Money / Her Money

I read / participate in BabyCenter's message boards. I've seen several posts throughout the past year that I have been on there about his money or her money. I have never understood this. My husband and I first moved in together, we kept our money separate for the first couple of months. We each paid 1/2 of everything. Then, we got engaged and it all combined. Why not? We were getting married anyway.

I see posts a lot about buying things with "his" money because the wife is a stay at home mom and doesn't make any money. WHAT?! I don't understand why it would only be his money anyway. Besides, could you imagine how much you'd make if you were working..doing the things that someone does while they are a stay at home mom. Even if you just think of the money that would be spent on daycare if the wife wasn't at home.

In my opinion, it's not like the wife is really NOT working. Sure, she doesn't have a job outside the home. It's still a lot of work either way.

I'm not a stay at home mom. I have my days where I don't do a whole lot, but other days where I work my butt off. lol

Crazy News I Have Seen Around Today

First there is the mom that injected her 8 year old daughter with botox for a pageant! She has now had her daughter taken away. ARTICLE HERE Seriously, what in the world was this woman thinking??!! I can't imagine her 8 year old had wrinkles anyway! AND SHE IS AN EIGHT YEAR OLD GIRL!! Seriously, WTH?!

Then, there's the MELATONIN BROWNIES. Now, this is the way to go! lol For me, not the kids! I've had to take Melatonin quite a bit, especially since having had Kaitlin. Insomnia struck hard after having her. It'd be great to eat a brownie instead of having to take a pill! LOL

There is now a cologne called BACON for men. I love me some bacon, but I don't really want my husband to smell like it lol.. I don't need to be hungry ALL the time! lol

THIS MAN married 107 women!! He also has 185 children!! I thought my 3 were too many at times!! How can he keep everyone straight??!! He must seriously have some great memorization skills!

went to court with a monkey in her bra!! LMAO