Friday, May 27, 2011

My big coupon weekend!

One of our local groceries stores, Marsh, is having a triple coupon sale this weekend. From now, through Monday, they will triple any coupon up to $1.00.

I printed like crazy this afternoon, sorted, clipped, and thought I was prepared for the trip. I took way more coupons than I really thought I might use. I know that Marsh's prices tend to run a little higher than most other stores. So, I knew that after I got there, I might decide to not buy some things, even with the additional amount off.

I should have known better than to take all three kids, but at least Dan was with me. It still would have went much smoother if it were just me or just me and Dan.

Our total before coupons - $175.73
After coupons - $52.19
Total savings of $123.54 or 71%

I was pretty excited!!

We haven't really done any stockpiling before. We had never had good enough deals or thought we should spend the money. We did our first bit of stockpiling today. It was only on men's body wash, but hey! It's a start lol.

We had a buy one get one free coupon on Old Spice Body Wash.
We stacked that with a $1 off coupon (that was tripled to $3 off)
It was on sale for $2.19
We had an overage of 81 cents that went toward our total bill.

We had two of these deals.

We also had a coupon for $1 off (tripled to $3) for Dove Men's Body Wash. It was $4.65 (kind of high), so it ended up being $1.65 for that. Still cheaper than anywhere else.

So, for 3 cents .. we got 6 bottles of body wash!

If anyone has babies and receives the formula checks from the formula companies - Babies R Us has a good deal this weekend too. They have the 2 oz bottles of formula (a 6 or 8 pack, depending on the brand) on sale for $5. Most formula checks are $5, some a little more .. some a little less. Could be free formula though!!

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