Thursday, May 12, 2011

TV Talk - Shows That's Fates Are Not Determined

Now, this list is HUGE. There are many shows that have not been renewed yet, but are more than likely going to be. There are also some that no one seems to know yet if they will be back or not.

Better With You- We watch this show every week. We even DVR it. I really like it. Not sure Dan really cares one way or the other. I like how it shows all 3 couples and how different they all are. My favorite part of the show is when they show all 3 couples at the start and how they are all reacting different to pretty much the same thing happening. lol

Mr. Sunshine- Another show we DVR'd every week. While it was on, anyway. I think part of the appeal is that I just really like Matthew Perry. There were some really funny parts here and there, but it could definitely use some improvement. Not sure it will be back...

Blue Bloods- WHY HAS THIS SHOW NOT BEEN RENEWED ALREADY??? It's doing really well and it's a great show! Who would have ever thought that Donnie Wahlberg would turn into such a great actor. Certainly not me, as a 14 year old who was completely in love with NKOTB! lol

Mike and Molly- This is by far one of my favorite shows right now. It's absolutely hilarious. Don't believe me? Watch this clip