Monday, June 13, 2011

I Got a Little Discouraged Regarding Coupons This Weekend

All week last week, I looked through upcoming previews of ads, previews of the coupons that were to be in the Sunday paper.

On Saturday night, I probably spent at least 2 hours planning out what coupons and what deals I wanted to take advantage of. I wanted to go on Sunday to get these deals. There have been several over the past few weeks that I have waited until later in the week, only to find the store is sold out of that item. Probably because of all the other people taking advantage of that deal.

So, Sunday morning .. ran to Walmart and picked up 3 Lafayette Journal and Courier papers. My parents usually give me their's. That would have given me 4 of all the coupons. I get home and start sorting through. It was then I realized that there were several coupons not in our local paper. There were at least 5 coupons that were on my list that I was going to be using. Every one of those 5 were items I would have gotten for FREE or have even had some overage left.

I visited WeUseCoupons and went to the Indiana section of the forum. Turns out that it was pretty common that the majority of Indiana apparently didn't get these coupons.

I ended up going to CVS to get the ONE deal that I had a coupon for (because I printed it online). While there, I glanced at the Indianapolis Star. It did have a couple of the coupons that I was looking for. So, I bought 2 of those papers.

This ended up with my husband and I looking into coupon clipping services online and on Ebay. We think this may be a really good way to go. We see ahead of time what is available and can match it to what we buy already and / or a store's sale. Then, we get the exact coupons we want. I will probably still buy papers, but we might be using coupon clipping/Ebay a little more. We have ordered twice now over the weekend. We'll have to see how that goes/how long it takes to get them, etc.


  1. Jamie I have used Ebay it is pretty good actually the most we paid was 8 dollars which seems high but it was worth 60 in saving on the tide stain release but other then that one 8 dollar charge it usually only costs us 1 or 2 dollars Ebay is very doable! we are looking into the coupon clipping services today This is a lot of fun! Janelle

  2. Janelle - I agree! It is fun lol. There is a little thrill when you are going to go get a good deal on something.