Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Walmart Now Accepting Competitor Coupons?!

Last night, I was browsing around a coupon message board I recently came across. There were several posts from a woman talking about how she uses the Target printable coupons (from the Target website) at her Walmart. Several people argued with her that Walmart was not supposed to be accepting them, etc. A few people spoke up and said their Walmart was also accepting Target coupons now.

So, having recently quit working at Walmart to be a stay at home mom .. I know several employees. I decided to go straight to the ZMS (she is over the front end of the store, cashiers, CSMs, etc), who happens to be a friend of mine. Sure enough!! She confirmed that Walmart is indeed now accepting Target coupons.

Of course, every store is probably different..even though they should all be following the same corporate policy. I went last night and gave it a try. The cashier took my Target coupons with no problem!! When I handed them to her, I said "I heard you take these now". She smiled and said "Yep! We take other stores coupons now".

So excited for this!! I go to Target quite a bit for a few reasons. I simply like Target..usually rather clean, organized, etc. But, recently my biggest reason is that they have the coupons that you can print off and use along with manufacturer coupons. Now that I can do this at Walmart, where the prices are usually cheaper already ... this is awesome!


  1. Well, I know they accept coupons you print online. Went there last night and spent 10 bucks in coupons. That's pretty cool if you can spend other competitors as well!

  2. These are coupons that you print off Target.com. They say Target Web Coupon on them .. so, I thought they could only be used at Target. I'm so darn excited! lol