Monday, September 19, 2011

Possible CVS Coupon Insert Coming 9/25

I am hoping we get these everywhere! Some are CVS store coupons and some are Manufacturer Coupons. MQ=Manufacturer Coupon and SQ=Store Coupon. Any store coupons can be stacked with a manufacturer coupon.

CVS 9/25 Insert

Act Dental Rinse, 16.9-18oz., $1.00 off 1 (MQ)

Aveeno Hair Care, any, you pay $4.99 w/coupon (MQ)

Caress Body Wash, 12oz+, you pay $2 w/coupon (MQ)

Degree or Dove Clinical Protection, you pay $6.99 w/coupon (MQ)

Emerald Almonds, 11oz, you pay 2 for $5 w/coupon (MQ)

Emergen C, 30ct., you pay $7.99 w/coupon (MQ)

Folgers Instant, 8oz., you pay $4.99 w/coupon (MQ)

Fructis shampoo or Conditioner, you pay $2.50 w/coupon (MQ)

General Mills, selected cereal bars, you pay 2 for $4 w/coupon (SQ)

Gold Medal Flour, 5#, you pay 2 for $4 w/coupon (SQ)

Hershey or Reese's bags, select varieties, you pay 3 for $9 w/coupon (MQ)

Jack Links, 3-3.25oz, you pay 2 fpr $6 w/coupon (MQ)

Kellogg's cereals, selected varieties, you pay $1.99 w/coupon (MQ)

Lay's Potato Chips, 10oz, 2 for $5 w/coupon (MQ)

L'oreal Root Rescue, you pay $5.99 w/coupon (MQ)

Ocuvite Supplements, all, you pay $4.99 w/coupon (MQ)

Old El Paso, dinner kit or stuffers, you pay 2 for $4 w/coupon (SQ)

Progresso soup or Green Giant vegetables, you pay 4 for $4 w/coupon (SQ)

Maxwell House or Yuban coffee, selected varieties 8.4-12oz, you pay 2 for $6 w/coupon (MQ)

Maybelline Volume Express Mascara, you pay $5 w/coupon (MQ)

Nature's Bounty, selected products, $1.50 off 1 (MQ)

ROC skin care products, you pay $7 w/coupon (MQ)

Starbucks singles, selected products, you pay 2 for $3 w/coupon (MQ)

Sundown, selected products, $1.00 off 1 (MQ)

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