Friday, April 22, 2011

Couponing .. is that a word?

I'm very new to the coupon world.  It's become sort of a game to see what kind of good coupons I can get though.  With the recent decision for me to stay home with the kids, rather than work .. we need to cut corners where we can.

Dan and I watched Extreme Couponing the other night.  We actually got a fairly good laugh out of the guy we were watching.  I am all for getting stuff free, but who needs 150 years worth of deodorant??!!  After saying he has that much, we watched him buy more!  Umm.. can we say donation???  Can we say care packages for the troops?  I mean, come on!  Then, we also saw him buy 1100 boxes of Total cereal.  At least he did say most of that was going to his local soup kitchen!

I can't ever see me going to the store with a trailer to bring it all home!  lol  But, I am enjoying looking for great deals.


  1. You can save lots of money with coupons! Let me know if you'd like any tips or tricks - hint, don't take very many tips from Extreme Couponing! That guy is a sham. He used to sell a lot of his stuff on eBay but since he got called on it online, now he's donating stuff.

  2. I figured. When they use "extreme" in the title, they mean it! Also, I have never seen "free" coupons that they use on that show.

    Meijer here will double coupons up to 50 cents. I read something on their website about competitor coupons, making it sound like they accept them. Know anything about that?

    Payless Grocery will also double up to 50 cents. Payless is owned by Kroger.