Friday, April 22, 2011

Deal Websites

Along with starting to clip coupons, I get loads of emails from different websites about their daily deal.  I never had any idea there were so many.  I also never realized that department stores also had a deal of the day on their sites too.

Now,, we have ordered from and haven't been overly happy with the items we received.  We ordered a Pillow Pet (though, not named that) for Emma for Xmas.  When we got it, it was very small.  Luckily, she is little herself and she didn't care at all.  She was just happy to have a ladybug pillow.  We also ordered a rechargeable WII remote batteries and docking station.  We got an excellent deal on these.  $4.99.  Problem is, one quit working within the first couple of days.

Now, .. we have been happier with.  We got a great deal on a car seat for Kaitlin.  We have also ordered some of their rather amusing t-shirts they have lol.  "It's a trap!"

Some other sites I visit to check out their deals: (they have usually about 5 daily deals and weekly deals also)

Are there any sites you like to check out for things like this?


  1. I go to all those sites and get daily emails from as well :)

  2. Are there any you visit, Heather that I didn't list?

  3. HA! I knew there was the Amazon thing on the left. Just saw it's Daily deals too!