Monday, May 30, 2011

The Final Results of the Triple Coupon Weekend!

After 6 trips and 3 Marsh stores .. here's the final total:

Total before coupons - $506.31

Total after coupons - $$139.08

Total savings of - $367.23 or 73%

This includes 12 boxes of cereal, 16 packages of hot dogs, 10 Totinos pizzas, 8 bottles of mens' body wash, 2 packages of Good Nites for Emma (expensive!), 10 bottles of Weber grilling seasonings, 8 packages of new Jello Temptations desserts, 5 boxes of Nabisco Crackerfuls and much more .. Those were my big savings items. For example, the Jello Temptations were 19 cents each. The Crackerfuls were free, the Weber grilling seasonings were free plus an overage (which one store DID give), the 8 bottles of body wash, we spent 3 cents, I think lol

Overall, we did pretty good! We could have done even better if they had not ran out of stock on several items. From what I understand, most of the Marsh employees found out on Thursday that the triple coupons started on Friday. They didn't get enough time to get much backstock on big items.


  1. Wow, that is impressive. I coupon, and have gotten as much as 90% off on a shopping trip - but that was a rarity for me and I have kind of backed off on the couponing lately. But this is impressive :)